Become a Consultant Course

Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap Finally — an online course designed to help you through the process of starting and running an independent consulting business. Ready to learn how to become a consultant? Making the leap to independent consulting

Consultant Course: want to become a consultant?

Ready to transform your consulting business? Making the leap to independent consulting can be a life changing experience. But figuring out all the steps to launching a consulting business can be a bit daunting. I can tell — I get emails from people all the time, asking me for help in getting their businesses off the ground. Well, I’ve taken everything I tell my coaching clients and wrapped it up in a consultant course.

Finally — an online consultant course designed to help you through the process of starting and running an independent consulting business.

By taking this course, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Describe the consulting business, including what consultants do, what people become consultants, who hires them and why, and what the main consulting markets are
  • Assess your consulting and entrepreneurship potential and generate ideas for a consulting business
  • Evaluate options for starting a consulting business, including ways to transition, options for business structures and factors to consider in choosing a business structure
  • Analyze your market, including profiling and understanding target customers, mapping your services to those customers, identifying competitors, weighing your business against the competition’s, analyzing industry trends and choosing a niche
  • Determine your financing needs, including considering whether you need credit and qualifying for credit
  • Explore business management considerations, such as understanding rules and regulations in your region/profession, understanding insurance options and hiring professional services for your business (accounting, lawyer, etc)
  • Promote your business and find clients by discovering what to include in a marketing plan, planning your own marketing and learning how to find work
  • Strengthen your sales skills, in areas such as finding prospects, generating leads, qualifying leads, finding a fit, making a proposal and asking for the sale and closing the deal

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